Our Purpose…

… to provide insights into what everyday New Yorkers are reading, through asking themĀ the following questions behind the meaning of their current read:

1) How did you come across the book?

2) So far, what perspective have you gained from this book?

3) Would you recommend it, and if so, to who and why?

Simple in nature, it is my hope that these answered questions will, simply, spark your interest into reading more books!


CityReads NYC




CityReads NYC


Hello All!

I am very excited to announce the official “pre-launch” of my blog, CityReads NYC! Simply put, I will be sharing with you insights into what exactly every day New Yorkers are reading, whether it be during their morning or evening commute, while taking a lunch break, or when simply taking a moment to enjoy a few pages from their current read! I hope you enjoy my passionate and dedicated service towards providing you with ways to broaden your perspective through the current reading materialĀ of the beautiful people of New York City!
CityReads NYC